The Fine Print

Privacy policy

Your email address is used for our regular promotional emails. We will not sell or give your email address, or other details you have given us, to third parties.

We do have some rules

Each of our offers, the VIP club and how you can win have certain rules around them - just so everyone can get the best experience.

VIP Club
- Certain criteria apply for maintaining your VIP status - please check these under our Powerclub page

Half Price Thursday
- All green & yellow swiper games will be half the standard price
- Red swiper games are standard price
- A new paper powercard is required every Thursday
- Any credit left on the card will revert back to normal pricing at midnight
- Not available in conjunction with any other offer including the Powerclub (VIP registration)
- Available at store of purchase only

Timed Play Bonus Deals
- Available on all green swiper games. Games vary from store to store
- No tickets will be paid out
- Maximum of 4 plays per game
- Red and yellow swiper games are not included
- Not available in conjunction with any other offer

Double Dollars Days
- Available every Public Holiday and the 1st Sunday of every month.
- Whole dollars only
- Minimum spend $6
- Credit stays on your powercard for 12 months
- Not available in conjunction with any other offer
- Unspent credit cannot be transferred to another store or exchanged for cash
- Not available with free vouchers such as serious fun or $5 vouchers

Birthday Parties
- Please check in our Parties section for details

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